Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can't believe its been 2 months!!!!

Here she is!!
Love this girl!
We are truly in love with this little girl! The Lord has richly blessed our family with her!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!!! More to come in a later blog......God Bless You!!!!


  1. Oh, so good to see you post! And, look at Monroe! Beautiful little thing! Would love to connect and "compare notes" :)

  2. Dan and Karen,
    thank you thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. Ohhhh, congratulations on your sweet little girl Monroe! You might not know, but we are in the middle of a big transition....we are moving to the Jacksonville area of Florida. :) Steve is working there now and the kids and I will join at the end of the year. Hey, perhaps when we are settled Danny can call Steve and share first hand with his cousin all about your heart has definitely gravitated that direction.:) Love you guys...we are so proud that we are family!:) Love to all, Renee Brooke p.s. Steve can be reached at and 503-805-9610